Downtown Happenings Guidelines

Circle-Logo-for-website-2010Below please find an overview of our article submission guidelines for Downtown Happenings.
Please note that only businesses within the Downtown Development Authority boundaries are eligible to submit articles. If you are not sure if your business is eligible please contact us by email.

All articles should contain:

    1. an article title – preferable in the vicinity of 30 characters.
    2. a teaser – no more than 140 characters. This should be an intriguing introduction to the full article.
      1. teasers are posted in the e-newsletter and used to encourage readers to click the link to a full article! We want people to click to read more in order to determine if readers are finding value in our publication.
    3. a teaser picture – while this picture should be intriguing and engaging, your logo works just fine in a pinch.
      1. All submitted photographs must be original works of the business submitting for publication and should include the photo release clause:

        I, name designer and original owner of the attached photograph(s), do hereby release and grant permission to the City of Midland – Downtown Development Authority to use the attached image(s) for the purpose of advertising and promoting Downtown Midland.

        Digital Signature

      2. preferred filed types: .jpg or .png (.pdf will work in a pinch).
    4. a full article – this is the longer version of your article, which will provide details that the reader wants.
      1. Articles can be as you want however, please be aware of your audience and the repercussions of overloading them.
      2. Full articles are NOT posted in the e-newsletter. They are posted on the website on the special offers page and linked to the e-newsletter.
    5. additional pictures – I will post as many pictures as you want however, please be aware of your audience and the repercussions of overloading them.
    6. your business name and contact information
      1. you know your business information please provide all of it…
      2. Business Name
      3. Address
      4. Phone Number
      5. Website
      6. Email
      7. Facebook
      8. Twitter
      9. Instagram
      10. Any other social media
    7. Article Text (title, teaser, and full article) should be submitted in either a plain text email, or in a word document. Text submission as .pdf are extremely difficult to work with and may not be accepted.

*Again ANYTIME we can encourage a reader to click is showing us information about where the readers are finding value in our publication.

One article per business per edition. Articles submitted more than 13 days in advance of publication will not be accepted. Please contact us with questions email.


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