Joyful Tantrum 6.25.2020

     How we have loved watching your little ones roaming the toy store, seeing friends pick out the perfect gift, grandmas ready to spoil their grands again.  Thank you for supporting our Happy Place and are so excited to be serving you again.

For those that have not been quite ready to shop in store again we have loved continuing to deliver packages and curbside pick up.  You can shop on-line at or comment on something on social media with your name and email address and we can send you an invoice.  We have those packages ready for pick up in roughly an hour from a paid invoice.  

      It’s summer and they have reopened the parks…YAY!!!  If you are not quite ready to take that step we have stocked up with a ton of outdoor fun at Joyful Tantrum.  From blowing giant bubbles to exploring the outdoors we have something for every kid in your life to enjoy being outside!

Joyful Tantrum
215 E. Main Street
(989) 486-9866

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