Lil’ Pear Tree

We offer the absolute best in floral preservation!Lil Pear 6718a
Freeze drying is the premier way to preserve the natural beauty and shape of your flowers. It produces superior results when compared to other floral preservation methods like air drying, pressing or silica gel. This makes freeze drying flowers the most sought-after floral preservation techniques available today. We have mastered the art of freeze-drying and use only the latest freeze-drying floral preservation technology. This ensures that your blooms will be preserved just as they come to us.
Check it out! If you are having an event this weekend and are curious, would like to confirm you will be bringing flowers in or would simply like to learn more about this awesome service give us a call at (989)631-5673.Lil Pear 6718b

Lil’ Pear Tree

222 E. Main Street

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