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Lil PearB 12 6 18Does your company having a special occasion or Holiday party coming up? Fresh flowers are a great way to add class and style to your event.

Lil’ Pear Tree has experience collaborating with our corporate and business partners to create memorable and inspiring custom floral selections. When it comes to innovation, Lil’ Pear Tree is at the forefront.

We have:

Cutting Edge Consultations/Collaborators
Lil’ Pear Tree is the only shop in the region able to take our clients on a virtual flower tour! Together we can view flowers available to you the world over! Our experts are able to not only tell you about great ideas, they are able to show them to you and your group! We are even able to sketch arrangements and ideas on the big screen so you can watch your event come to life before your eyes!

Not sure what your theme should be? We have unique themes to choose from.Lil PearA 12 6 18

International Buying Power
When it comes to flower selection, we have really done our homework.. Did you know the best rose comes from Ecuador? The roses have a higher petal count and open up 98% making them longer lasting. We get these each week! Have you seen the difference between orchids from Hawaii and orchids, well…not from Hawaii? We have buying power that is unmatched in the region because Lil’ Pear Tree knows you deserve the best and so do your clients.

Partnering Pros!
Because our whole industry revolves around the visions, ideas and tastes of others we are truly partnering professionals. Lil’ Pear Tree regularly works with hotels, venues and banquet facilities in the region. Our staff is comfortable communicating with event professionals during the entire planning process. We naturally are great partners to other vendors because we are intuitive, timely and considerate of the big picture and how flowers fit in to it!

To get started, you may contact us via phone or feel free to view our events calendar and book your consultation time! We are so excited to bring your visions to life!

Lil’ Pear Tree
222 E. Main Street
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