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In the coming months we will be featuring the “makers” from our store and their products.
We’d like to introduce Restoring Grace – Kelly Hycki from Midland, MichiganSerendipty 6718b

Restoring Grace Story:
Restoring Grace was started in my kitchen five years ago called “A Second Chance.” We believed it was important, to give new life to items others had left forgotten. “A Second Chance” was our starting point. Four years later, we felt it was time to change our name into something more fitting for us, thus came “Restoring Grace.” The word Grace simply means, giving to something or someone that which they do not deserve. I thought this was the perfect fit for not only what our business is all about, but also for the way we as a family try to operate. I am a lover of all things junk….. You will often find me and the kids out scouting for good junk. My husband, Mr. R. G. loves to be found out in the garage making our new ideas come to life.
Over the years, many of our customers have turned into our treasured friends. They have enjoyed watching our kids grow and learn about business as we work together as a family. I am most thankful to be able to work from home, and still be available to my family.
I love being able to show others how to incorporate fun farm junk into their own homes. We are always looking at new ways to improve and so appreciate the love and support our local community has shown us.

Kelly’s beautifully restored treasures can be found throughout our store a Serendipity Road. 6718cSerendipity 6718d

We’d also like to let you know we are offering in-store classes this summer. Ranging from painting classes, bath bomb classes, hand stamped jewelry classes, and build a kite class to name a few.
Schedule is as follows:

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We look forward to your downtown visit! Be awesome!

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