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My Captured Journey, Traverse City, Mi
Owners Brenda & Jake Bossher

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As a high school student, Brenda made jewelry in her art class. Wearing a piece while waiting tables in 2008. An adamant and incredible customer purchased the necklace right off her neck beginning a path that would lead to an incredibly fulfilling and successful path. The seeds of a jewelry business were planted.

Brenda & Jake Bossher, born and raised in Michigan. Newlyweds and outdoor enthusiast are the makers of jewelry for a Traverse City, Michigan based company called My Captured Journey.

My Captured Journey was named for the inspiration that life’s adventures breathe into Brenda and Jake’s jewelry designs.

Brenda and Jake are passionate about the incredible beauty of family, outdoors, Michigan and the Great Lakes. Their most notable designs are made of actual sand that was collected from all 5 Great Lakes.

They love to hike, backpack and explore every part of the state of Michigan and their jewelry makes those experiences come to life. This is apparent through not only their jewelry itself, but everything down to even their packaging.

They use customer submitted photos of Michigan’s most beautiful places on their “polaroid” style packaging cards. Every few weeks, they have social media contests. Offering contestants the chance to submit as many photos as they like. Winners win free jewelry and photo credits are printed on the back of every beautiful designed package.

Seren 1 15BMy Captured Journey jewelry can now be found throughout gift shops, boutiques and specialty stores along with art shows and festivals throughout the state of Michigan.

Their plans for 2019 include finding charitable organizations to begin giving portions of the Great Lakes sand jewelry sales in hopes to contribute to cleaning and preserving the unparalleled beauty of the Great Lakes.

My Captured Journey will continue to search for quality Michigan based stores to become My Captured Journey retailers, along with creating more designs that can be featured in stores throughout the United States.

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My Captured Journey is a dream come true for Brenda and Jake Bosscher. Their designs and customers have made it possible for them to have a beautiful wedding, purchase their first home and offer them both time to enjoy and explore, and most of all, enjoy their careers in a world where that is all too difficult to find.

We just love the way My Captured Journey has “captured” the essence of Michigan’s Great Lakes and our customers do to! Thank you, Brenda and Jake, for being a great part of Serendipity Road in Midland, Michigan!

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