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It’s never too late to enhance the quality of your life through exercise. Increasing strength, flexibility and cardio vascular health make your daily activities much easier to accomplish.

After age 40 we begin to lose skeletal muscle. The average sized person will lose about a half a pound a year. Not only does this reduce our metabolism, but as the years go by, it makes it harder to perform simple tasks that were once easy for us.

Moderate strength training exercises performed in an efficient and correct manner can go a long way to reverse this process. Increasing skeletal muscular strength in a balanced manner also helps keep our larger joints and spine healthy and strong.

During my 31 years of training individuals in Mid-Michigan, I’ve specialized in working with many retirement age individuals with great success. My current client list includes 80, 83 and soon to be 91 year olds! I believe they would all say they feel much better because of their workout programs.

Working with an experienced trainer in a private facility is much less intimidating than a typical health club. My promise to you is to use your appointment time as efficiently as possible, and provide a clean, fun atmosphere to train in.

Please call at 989-430-1430 or email at to set up a free consultation.

The Fit Stop Personal Fitness Training Studio
200 E. Main Street,  Suite 310
(on the river side of the Tri Star Trust Bank building)

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