Host an Event

Please submit a request for your event as soon as you have the basic information to do so.  Processing time for an event can take 4-6 weeks depending on the level of permissions needed and level of support by the Midland Downtown Business Association or Downtown Development Authority.  First-time events typically require City Council consideration; city council meets every other Monday.

When considering Downtown Midland for a location to hold an event (requiring street closures or support of the DDA/MDBA) please contact DDA Executive Director Selina Tisdale,

General event requests for the Tridge area, Chippewassee Park or Farmers Market location should be addressed to the Midland City Manager at 333 W. Ellsworth, Midland, MI 48640 or submit via email to

In your letter of request, please include the following information:

  • Time and date of your event;
  • Duration of your event;
  • Location of your event;
  • Explanation of what your event is and details of what will take place during the event;
  • Diagram laying out the event, if need be;
  • Contact person for your event with phone number and email.

Some things you might want to look at in the community when planning your event:

  • What else is going on for that date elsewhere in the community and in proximity to the area you plan to utilize?  Will it cause too much congestion or will one event interfere with the other?

Please consider the following questions and include appropriate explanation in your letter of request:

  • Will you need to place directional signage in the right of way to help people find your event?
  • Will you utilize amplified sound during your event?
  • Will you utilize a city park for your event?  Will you need exclusive use of the park for your event?
  • Will you be setting up tents for your event?
    • Will the tents require cooking/heating elements (grills, heaters, etc.)?
  • Will your event require the closure of city streets?
    • When seeking to hold an event that requires the closure of streets in Downtown Midland, please contact the Downtown Development Authority Office in advance for coordination of efforts.
  • Do you have permission from a private property owner or private business for the location of your event (i.e. a parking lot of a private business)
  • Will fireworks be part of your event?
  • Will the city need to provide barricades for your event?
  • Will you need the use of the city picnic tables? (20 available through the city)
  • Will your event include any raffles?
  • Does your event require a liquor license?
  • Is there enough parking in the area of your requested event to accommodate anticipated crowds?
  • Does your event anticipate a crowd that will require the need for additional restroom (port-a-john) facilities?
  • Will you require use of the city stage?
  • Will your event include the use of food vendors?
    • Do you need potable water source (consider vendor needs)?
    • Will you need electric access?  How much and where?
  • Do you anticipate out of town travellers for this event?  Need hotelier support?